Johan Tordhag

Johan Tordhag



Almhaga Gård
274 53 Skivarp, SWEDEN

Tel: +46 411 70385
Fax: +46 411 70011
Cell: +46 708 865720 7 days/week

instagram: johan_tordhag

Born 1961 in Stockholm Sweden.
Artist since early -80 , I paints large paintings in oil and acrylic mixed with oil.

I have painted actively for over 35 years, but never really wanted to exhibit or sell the paintings, despite offers of large sums of money for my work. It was just a bit of me they tried to buy, and I did not want to sell my soul for cash, I rather give it away to people who loved it. Now I have changed my mind, I would like to make people happy, touched and affected with my art.

I will have several public exhibitions in US and Europe in the near future. Previously I had private shows in Croatia, the United States, UK and Spain and on a super yacht in the Mediterranean. 

My latest exhibitions was in Miami (Zenith art Gallery) 2017/18 and  in New York (Art Expo NY) in April 2019. For more info, please visit my site at

Johan Tordhag
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